Custom Household Care Packging

The health and beauty industry has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and much of it has come from unprecedented sources. Social media and influencer marketing have been able to increase brand awareness, boost product recognition, and propel sales beyond measure. Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that your product’s quality and packaging, align with your brand’s identity and story that you’ve so cautiously crafted and perfected. 

flexible packaging for cosmetics

Many consumers prefer to try single-serving pillow pouches or sachets before they purchase full-sized packages, or like to have the option to buy smaller sizes in order to meet travel requirements. Sample sizes, such as daily dose and single-use packets, are a great marketing tool to encourage low-risk trials while increasing brand awareness. High barrier, puncture-resistant films that can be used in trial sizes are also features that are particularly attractive to frequent travelers. Let your product grab consumers’ attention at first glance, with standout packaging.

resealable + child-resistant beauty pouches

A variety of different beauty, health and personal care products including bars, salts and powders can benefit from the dry, airtight environment that flexible lay flat and stand up pouches offer. Features such as press-to-close zippers allow this type of packaging to be tamper-evident, spill-proof and extend shelf life. Child-resistant zippers also make packaging more desirable for consumers and encourage repeat purchases because of its security and convenience of transportability.